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Volunteers are integral to the success of CPSARA – much of our success is due to the individuals that have given their time, effort and enthusiasm to our cause.


Here are just some of the ways you can contribute to CPSARA, to help support children and adults with cerebral palsy access sporting and recreational opportunities and make new friends.


We are always looking for people to assist with:


Ambassadors & Mentors

Health Professional (eg. Physio’s)

Guest Speakers


Education & Awareness

Event Support


Parents, carers, friends and families of athletes can join and become part of the CPSARA family too, support by volunteering and even join the committee to help shape our future as an association.

All members and athletes are encouraged to join the CPSARA committee, in as big or as little a role as they want, to have their say!


Do you want to find out more about volunteering?

Please contact CPSARA by email: Simply just click the button below.

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