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Cycling is a sport that is inclusive of athletes of all disabilities.

Athletes can compete on a track or on the road. Track racing has various types of events including sprints and individual time trials whilst road races are conducted on regular roads.
Cycling has two event types for athletes:

  • Individual Road Race

  • Track Events

Depending on an athlete's mobility, balance and coordination, athletes can compete using handcycles, tricycles or bicycles.


There are several cerebral palsy and other neurological conditions

classifications as follows;


Handcycle: H1-5

H1-4 athletes competing in a reclined position. H1 athletes have no trunk or leg function and limited arm function, while H3 athletes have no leg function but good trunk and arm function.

H5 athletes sit on their knees and use their arms and trunk.


Tricycle: T1-T2

T classification are unable to ride a bicycle because of a condition affecting their balance and coordination.

T1 class have more serious coordination problems then T2 athletes.

Bicycle: C1-5

The lower the number the more severe the limitation. For example, C1 athletes have the most severe limitation, and C5 athletes meet the minimum impairment criteria.


For cycling policy and information on classification - Click here


To get classified in Cycling or to find out more about cycling and the opportunities it offers contact Barrie McLean! 


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