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Who we are 

our goals

Here at CPSARA, we are driven by a single goal, to encourage both sporting and recreational opportunities for people of all ages with cerebral palsy and other neurological conditions.


We are dedicated to supporting children, adults and their families with cerebral palsy by providing sporting opportunities and leisure activities with an emphasis on inclusion and enjoyment.  There are many sports, events and levels of competition for you as an athlete to pursue. Participation in sport can be just for fun and fitness but can also be pursued to International and Paralympic level! 

The association supports athletes on their sporting journeys, firstly by providing information and tools to help connect you with your chosen sport and thereafter by connecting you with fellow athletes, the latest event information and recognising your sporting achievements.

There is a big emphasis on the enjoyment of being involved in sport, having fun and building strong friendships! CPSARA organises regular social and recreational activities for our members, families and friends throughout the year. These include picnics, “Come and Try” days, fundraising events, yearly awards nights and our monthly newsletter.

CPSARA is also delighted to have a number of high profile ambassadors who share their personal experiences and knowledge with members and the community with the single goal of encouraging people with cerebral palsy to become members and participate in sport and recreation activities.

We also want to make sure every participant feels supported and guided on the sporting journey. And that’s why we’ve introduced our Mentor program which aims to support new, upcoming athletes to reach their goals and maybe even become the next Paralympians!

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