Each month, the CPSARA newsletter features a piece of adaptive technology designed to make our members' lives easier! From easy-access shoes and accessories to adaptive gym equipment and kitchen aids, our innovative ideas of the month are a welcome addition to the life of anyone with a disability!


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Magnide Sock Donner

As many of our CPSARA members know, wearing long compression socks comes at a cost. This donning aid has saved me hours of trying to pull up my socks before competitions and I hope it helps to make the lives of members of our community a bit easier like it has for me.  

This sock donner features a magnetic closure at the bottom so it works for pulling on closed toe socks - ingenius! It is made from a material that easily slides against skin or other clothes, simply pull on the looped handle to slide your socks up! After each use, just follow the instructions that come with it and match the blue magnets up to each other, then it's ready to be used again!

sock donner.png
sock donner.png

MARCH 2022


If you struggle to tie your hair up high by yourself like me, then this idea is for you! The 1-Up Hair Tie is made up of a long hair elastic with a toggle on it, and can be used to create a ponytail with one hand or reduced hand function by putting the elastic around your head and pulling. You can then wrap the excess elastic around your ponytail, and this great tool can also be used to create pigtails, buns or you can wear it as a headband.

The ‘double loop’ tie has a second loop that helps you tighten the tie around your hair, which is perfect for those who struggle with grip! The 1-Up Hair Tie can be adapted to suit different abilities, and can be used with  one hand, two hands, residual limbs or your feet!

Click the link below to purchase this product from the '1-Up Hair ties' website, which also has many How-To videos of people with different types of disabilities demonstrating how they use and benefit from the 1-Up hair tie! This product can also be found on the Active Hands Website here or the Assistive Technology Australia website here.

ONE UP_edited.jpg

february 2022
boa shoes


Hi, it's Tamsin here. Finding shoes that fit you is hard enough, but an extra challenge that

many of our members may face is difficulty with shoelaces! Especially if you are in a sport

like athletics or triathlon that requires frequent changes of shoes under time pressure.

I have spent hours looking online for options such as elastic laces that make shoes easier to

put on, but find that it's hard to get shoes tight enough with these laces. I am so glad that I

found this amazing site online a few years ago, and have since been buying all my sports shoes

from there, or using this site for inspiration to search for other options online! This site is based

in the US but does ship to Australia or you can search on Australian websites such as https://www.amazon.com.au 

for shoes that may fit you and save on the shipping costs!

People who have seen me at the track have probably noticed me wearing shoes with BOA closures and I have got a few people asking me where to buy them from so I've been waiting for the right time to share this with our wonderful community as the idea of the month! 

This website features a range of shoes with BOA closures for sport and casual wear. Simply search what category you are looking for to find your fit, whether it be running, cycling, hiking, golf, snow sports, workwear, fishing... the list is endless! These shoes are impact tested, meaning they won't come undone in your run or event, but if they do this website sells spare BOA closures and parts so you don't need to buy new shoes! Simply click the dial into place and twist it to your desired tightness then it's ready to go.

As an added bonus, there are no annoying laces to irritate your feet and you can adjust the tightness on the go! Check out their website below and get ready for some speedy shoe changes! 

boa runners.png

January 2022
bendable, easy-grip

adaptive cutlery 

I have been using adaptive cutlery like this for as long as I can remember due to the ease of

gripping they provide, which saves the annoying mishap of your finger slipping off your knife

whilst trying to cut your food! 

They also feature a metal shaft that is easily bent to any angle to accommodate a reduced

range of motion, which I think would be useful for many of our CPSARA members, particularly

those with hemiplegia or similar impairments. 

The rocker knife also saves so much difficulty many people with CP experience, with only minimal (not vigorous!) movement required to cut any food! They have comfortable rubber built-up handles and stainless steel utensils, which are also dishwasher safe.

You can purchase a set of four utensils (knife, fork, spoon and teaspoons) online from the Independent Living Services website via the link below.

-    Tamsin Colley

cp hacks pt 1.png

December 2021
Nike air zoom pegasus 38 flyease

We have previously shared a similar item (Nike Phanton GT FlyEase

Football Boots), but these new shoes from Nike are great for the

gym or everyday use!

These shoes are designed especially for people who have difficulty

with laces and feature a zip on the side as well as a velcro fastener

at the back for tightening!

They are supportive and easy to wear with insoles or splints, coming in different widths, colours, and even with an option to design your own pair! I wear these around the house for extra support as well as in the gym and they are so

comfortable and time-saving for me!

-    Tamsin Colley

nike flyease.png

October/NOVEMBER 2021

Does your cerebral palsy or neurological condition cause any of these symptoms?


Talk to a hand therapist to trial swan necking rings/finger splints.


Some of our members have tried these rings for swan necking caused by Cerebral Palsy with great results. For best results, see a hand therapist to see if this is a suitable option for you and to have a ring fitted properly.

Click on the link below to see how they work: 

swan necking ring.png

August/September 2021
harbinger lifting hooks 

We have previously shared an item similar (Active Hands), however,

these are a great alternate option available designed specifically

for use in the gym. 

Harbinger lifting hooks are used to assist with strength training,

and are especially useful for people with weak/ no grip strength.
You can either grip the weight with them, and use them as an

emergency support, or use them instead of using your hand (as I do).

They have an adjustable wrist band made of velcro, and a neoprene

inner lining, making them easy to put on and comfortable to wear. 

These lifting hooks have made a massive difference in my life, and

have made both the gym and strength training so much more accessible for me.
-    Tahlia Blanshard

They are available to purchase on multiple websites, including Amazon.

Harbinger lifting hooks.jpg


I'm sure we have all heard of these amazing shoes, but they are certainly deserving of a feature!

These are the dream for AFO wearers and ankle fused footsies.

Check out the amazing range of zipper shoes on their website below.


maY 2021
Adaptivestore.com.au launches MagZip zippers in Australia.

Introducing MagZip zippers, an innovative solution for one-handed

zipping of jackets. With a magnetic base and clever design,

MagZip® clasps together with the strength of the magnet,

removing the difficulty of starting to zip your jacket. MagZip®

zippers are sold individually and can be added into your favourite

jacket making one-handed zipping and unzipping quick and

smooth for people of different abilities.

Constructed of heavy-duty materials, MagZip zippers are built to

last, perfect for outerwear, sportswear, activewear & children’s wear.

If you have a self-managed NDIS plan and core supports budget you should have the flexibility to claim MagZip® Zippers and alterations with a related goal and sufficient budget.

If you are unsure, please check with your local NDIS Office.

Available in 10 different colours, MagZip® zippers are available at: www.adaptivestore.com.au


APRIL 2021

Exchange Program

Surely, I am not the only person with two different sized feet. 

Because of my hemiplegia, I am a size 6 on my CP foot and a size 8 on my right foot.

I just bought two new sets of gym shoes, a pair of 6s and a pair of 8s. 

So I thought, we have an awesome growing community here,

could we start an odd shoe exchange program?

If you are interested in this program, please fill out the below form.

I will use these to create exchange buddies!

(On another note, I have a set of white gym Reeboks and a set of running black and orange Adidas in a size 8 left and size 6 right ready to go!)

odd shoes.jpg

march 2021

Fairy Fastener: Magnetic Necklace Clasping Attachment

Fine motor skills and necklace clasps. Need I say more?

These are a cute, quick, easy alternative to the usual dreaded 15 minutes trying

to put a necklace on oneself or looking for an assistant when you're in a rush.

You can find these magnetic clasps to attach to your favourite necklaces online.

Click on the link below to view the Fairy Fastener.

fairy fastener.jpg

shampoo, conditioner and soap dispensers
Holding a shampoo bottle upside down and squeezing with one hand while playing catch with the other hand can be pretty tricky. Especially for those of us with limited fine motor skills.
There is a cheap, easy and classy looking solution to this! Shower Soap Wall Mounted Dispensers are now readily available online.
To view the dispensers displayed in the above photo, click the link below! This dispenser is a one-handed release dispenser.

Alternatively, there are automatic dispensers that use motion to activate. To view an option for automatic dispensers, click on the following link!

soap dispenser.jpg

January 2021

source kidS magazine

Source Kids mags are an idea for the whole family.

Packed with plenty of ideas, items and resources for all disability types, Source Kids could

be a source of information for all.

" Why Source Kids?
Parents and carers in particular are time-poor, exhausted and don’t have the time nor

energy to trawl through online and social media channels to find information. This is

becoming increasingly important as the rollout of the NDIS will ultimately have a positive

impact on the lives of children with disability.

Source Kids was created to fill this gap. It is a resource that has been created by parents, for parents and offers one ‘source’ of information that is relevant, reliable and up-to-date, whilst also being vibrant and positive.

Where Can I get My Copy?
Source Kids is a free magazine and is distributed through over 100 outlets in Australia – view distribution outlets here. Alternatively, you can subscribe for a small cost and have the magazine delivered directly to your door every issue! And then of course you can read the mag online for free including all back issues. "

Source Kids magazines can be found for free via the link below.

source kids.png



How great is this can opener!

There has been so many times where I've had cans that I can't open. Usually because I buy cans that I think have pull rings that don't or there's even been times where I've pulled the pull ring right off! 

Check out this very useful can opener that opens a can all by itself!

One Touch Can Opener can be bought here. 

one touch can opener.gif

november 2020

nike phantom gt academy flyease mg 

For all our football lovers.

Adaptive football boots are finally here!

"What is FlyEase? It’s quick and easy access for all. It’s football for all. With a quick and easy fold-down heel and wraparound strap, get in and get going on the pitch with our first ever FlyEase boot."

The Nike Phanton GT FlyEase boots can be bought here.

flyease boots_edited.jpg

OCTOber 2020


For exercising with limited fine motor skills 

Hey guys! Rae here. I was recently talking to a teammate who is also a physio

about my struggles with exercise and movement due to my Cerebral Palsy

spasticity and Mirror Movement Disorder. She recommended these for my

training but I also thought it would be great for other athletes with limited

hand grip that want to be able to use weights or hold onto bars. 

Here's why she recommended Fat Gripz for my Mirror Movement Disorder. 

My CP side copies the smaller, fine motor movements of my right side when I

exercise (or even when I am holding a cup or typing on the computer!) The CP

side will cramp to repetitive movements or prolonged holds. The grips are

hopefully going to allow for my right side to hold a little wider than usual, which

will hopefully allow for a less tight grip.

If you are interested, let me know, and I will let you know how it goes for me!

Otherwise, I thought this could be useful for your training or activities too. It could make gripping training equipment or even the handles on your bike a little easier. These Fat Gripz could be used with the Active Hand Co gripping aides.

The Active Hand Co gripping aides are sold out at the moment. I can't wait to get mine and I am waiting to order. 

The Fat Gripz can be bought Here.





Did you know that fishing can be a really adaptive sport? There are so many adaptive options for your rod from adaptive motorized rods, to machines that cast your reel at the press of a button. 

Can't hold your rod and reel at the same time? Do you find it a little uncomfortable to try to hold your rod tight when you have a massive shark to reel in?

There are even adaptive options for you to help hold your rod so you don't lose your catch, like rod holders for your wheelchair or tools that help you grip the rod better, and harnesses if you have limited use of your hands.

Check out this adaptive rod holder to see if is the right catch for your fishing trip!





September is STEPTEMBER. 

Australia’s leading health and wellness fundraising event, and

walk, swim, ride, wheel or spin your way to 10,000 steps per day

for 28 days in a fun, safe and virtual environment – all while

making a real difference to the lives of children and adults

with cerebral palsy.

We have some very talented and generous members working

hard this September to raise money for Steptember.

Nick Lapsley, our athlete of the month has shared some videos

on Instagram about Cerebral Palsy facts for Steptember! Check

out his interesting facts on his Instagram.

Good luck and well done to all our members getting involved this year!

Nicholas Lapsley, Matthew Engesser, Mali Lovell, Tamsin Colley and Chloe Oates!


JULY 2020



"So often with disabled characters, they are the meek and mild people in the corner that the audience is meant to feel sorry for. Sabine is kind of the opposite, and that was really amazing to play. I think I'm one of the first disabled actors to ever have a lead role on Australian television and it's 2019. I think that's a little bit sad." - Bridie McKim

Ever thought of being an actor or actress? 

Bridie McKim is an Australian actress with Diplegic Cerebral Palsy, who is best known for her character, Sabine in the ABC series, The Heights. Bridie became the first disabled actor to play a lead role on Australian television in this new show. Her character, Sabine, also has cerebral palsy!

It's so great to see Cerebral Palsy represented in media, especially by Cerebral Palsy actors.

Check out her video about her series, The Heights, and about disability in the media.





Training from home?

Tag us in your home training sessions and show us what you are doing to stay active,

healthy, happy and ready for sport.

Check out Rae's 'Active Abilities Series' video by Sport NSW and CPSARA for some

at-home activity ideas!

We want to see you 'Get Active', tag us in your soccer tricks, your home training

sessions or even your dancing sessions in the hallway!

To feature on our newsletter or social media, tag CPSARA!
- Post directly to Facebook or Instagram
- Post to Instagram story
- Direct message @cpsara_nsw with your entry.
- Email secretary@cpsara.org.au

Your photos and videos can be shared on our CPSARA social media to encourage and motivate our CPSARA community to continue to stay healthy and connected during this time!

We wish you all safe and well. We cannot wait to see your 'Get Active' posts!

active abilities.png




Training from home?


Tag us in your home training sessions and show us what you

are doing to stay active, healthy, happy and ready for sport.

We want to see you 'Get Active', tag us in your soccer tricks, your home

training sessions or even your dancing sessions in the hallway!

To feature on our newsletter or social media, tag CPSARA!
- Post directly to Facebook or Instagram
- Post to Instagram story
- Direct message @cpsara_nsw with your entry.
- Email secretary@cpsara.org.au

Your photos and videos can be shared on our CPSARA social media to encourage and motivate our CPSARA community to continue to stay healthy and connected during this time!

Check out Tamsin's video by clicking the video link below!

We wish you all safe and well. We cannot wait to see your 'Get Active' posts!

tamsin training from home.png

February 2020

toothpaste dispenser

The Active Hands Co. create some amazing and useful everyday tools.

They have come up with a quick and easy alternative to fighting with the toothpaste cap.

You can purchase a toothpaste dispenser at the Helping Hands Co. for 8.29 pounds here.





"What do touchscreens, bikes and ‘Symphony No.9’ all have

in common? They were all invented by what Liz Jackson calls

the 'original lifehackers'- people with disabilities." - The Feed SBS

liz jackson.png

JUNE 2019

General Purpose Gripping Aid by ACTIVE HANDS


These are amazing and are so handy for athletes with weak hand

grip. From gym sessions to everyday activities, these grips are perfect!

"General Purpose gripping aids function by the tightening of a strap

in the upper section, which gently pulls the hand into a fist shape,

adjusting to hold items in the palm. The wrist strap is also adjustable

and the aid is padded to reduce chafing."

Check out Active Hands Instagram for more ideas on uses for these Gripping Aids, Click Here.

active hands.png

APRIL 2019


Shirt buttons and zippers are never easy, which is why I'm so surprised that

I've only just found this nifty little tool for us!

This tool will help you do up your buttons and zippers quicker and easier.
There is a wired loop for your buttons, to go through the button hole and thread over

the buttons to go back into the button hole easier and with less fiddling.
The hook can go through holes on zippers to give a tool to pull up the zipper with

a tool larger than the zipper and easier to hold on to.

This tool can be bought on eBay. Alternatively you can try to make your own like me.

All you will need is a piece of plywood or a handle to the length and thickness you
prefer and a small screw hook that can be bought from hardware shops. The screw hook can be easily screwed into the plywood and used straight away. The screw hook can be used for both buttons and zippers even though the store-bought tool will have another adaption for the zippers.

To buy a tool on Ebay, Click Here.


March 2019

diy book holder


Holding a heavy book with one hand then trying to turn the pages with the other can becoming tiring and "old-fashioned" now that I found this idea of the month!

Your favourite pillow can now double as a book holder with this simple and easy DIY. 

You can even add a ribbon for a bookmark if you're reading a really big school textbook and need to refer to another page later. 

For the DIY steps, Click Here

book display.png



I couldn't tell you how many times I've become victim to the draw 4 card, five times in a row! Making it basically impossible for me to hold and hide my cards, especially with hemiplegia. So you would understand my excitement (as well as my "Wow, how did I not think of this ten years ago??)
at finding this idea of the month.

This is a DIY idea, which is very simple and can be done with a little family help before the

game starts. I have included four options for more fun. 

Enjoy and get ready to win!

There's four easy ways to make a card display holder:

1. Lid and paddle pop display
If you have two large matching lids (Maybe the lids off the old large milo tin?) and a paddle

pop stick, this is your new UNO weapon! 
The photo gives you an idea on how you could make this using pins, but super glue or

hot glue gun works too! 
Glue half the paddle pop to the outside part of the lid. When gluing the back of both lids together, make sure the paddle pop is between the outside face of both lids.

Hint: for extra strength of the card holder, glue the lids together, leaving a 2cm gap around the

lids so you can put your cards in between the lids. Then DONE!

2. Pool noodle display
This is one of the easiest options! Find a pool noodle that your sibling won't mind you cutting

up (Maybe just pop down to Kmart for a new one, just to be safe!).
After that, cut it to your desired size (keeping in mind how many draw 4 cards you're expecting to receive). 
Then cut a line down the length of the pool noodle, like in the photo above. Remembering the deeper the cut the sturdier the holder will be. 

3. Egg carton display
Another easy option! Grab an old (empty!) egg carton, the larger the better - a dozen or more!
Cut a line into the base of all the egg sections and volia, DONE!

4. Cardboard display
This holder will require more TLC but is totally worth it!

You will need:
- Sturdy cardboard - For a 3 level card holder like above, you'll need a piece of cardboard 49cm by 20cm, alternatively three pieces of cardboard 14cm by 20cm and a smaller piece 7cm by 20cm and sticking them together with sticky tape so they can bend. 
- Material or paper (Depending on how fancy you want to be)
- Velco (Optional)
- Glue or hot glue gun

Fold the cardboard 49cm by 20cm so there are 4 sections with 3 sections 14cm in length and

1 section 7cm in length.
Cover the cardboard in your material so it's pretty (if desired).
Cut out 3 sections 5cm by 20cm with the material or paper that you have chosen. The middle

section of 14cm by 20cm will become your card holder face. 

card holder.png
pool noodle display.png
egg carton display.png
close card holder.png



Skipping can be difficult for hemiplegia athletes and athletes with limited movement and coordination in hands and arms but this skipping rope looks like it could make training so much easier!

"It is specially designed for one-armed adaptive athletes. However, everyone

can make use of this fine piece of equipment by improving coordination

balance between your left and right arms. The Adaptive Jump Rope can

help improve motor skills.

Mute Sports Equipment travels often. We have met with athletes that have

purchased The Adaptive Jump Rope and worked with them on mastering the

skill and becoming more efficient. We have also worked with athletes via

video coaching.

We start with a light-weight shaft of 6066 aluminum with a shiny, brushed

finish then press our Mute Sports ABEC 7 sealed bearings into each end of the

jump rope. The advantage of a sealed bearing is to keep out sweat, chalk dust and any other contaminates to keep the bearing smooth over the life of the jump rope. Next, we apply the three specific color grips that you choose to express your style! Finally, we build the custom cable length to fit your height.

The black cable 1/8 diameter. The cable weighs 5 grams per foot. It is made with aircraft cable and is galvanized to prevent rust. The upscale nylon coating wears well. Be sure to 

always jump on a smooth surface such as a gym floor." - Mute Sports Equipment, Creator

To buy a custom made adaptive skipping rope, Click Here.


September 2018

clothes folding board

Does your mum tell you it looks like a bomb went off in your drawers?

Struggle to find your favourite stylish club singlet under a pile of neglected

cupboard clothes? Do you get frustrated when it's time to fold clothes?

Especially those pesky T-shirts that require two or more two fully functioning

hands and fingers? Well, now there's no excuse when mum asks if you can

help with the laundry! There is now a solution that may be quicker and easier

than mums old fashion two-handed folding. Check out this video and make

your very own folding board and have a go at racing mum to make the

highest folded clothes stack!

clothes folding board.png



EazyHold makes holding things such as utensils, bottles and even makeup

brushes so much easier, especially for people with CP affecting hands and fingers! 

If you enjoyed Jess from Eyeliner and Empowerment's previously featured videos,

click below to watch her explain how to use Eazyhold and watch her demonstrate

with her hairdryer and makeup!

To visit the website, Click Here or on link below


JULY 2018


This idea of the month comes from many experiences of trying to peel potatoes for the BBQ

quickly while being told I take forever. It's not exactly easy to hold a potato with CP and peel it!

Although, now I can! This is an ingenious idea! I can now hold and move the potato with my

dominant hand and strap the peeler to my CP hand. No more being told I take forever or

dropping the potatoes into the sink of potato and carrot peels. 

Like food preparation hacks? Stay tuned for our next edition of idea of the month.


JUNE 2018


So I have always been skeptical about fads, especially anything that involves

memes, Facebook or phones. Pop sockets were no different. They were a fad,

an easy sale.

But after a friend gave me a branded pop socket, I realised how amazing they

are for people with limited hand movement and finger dexterity. No more

dropping my phone on my face while watching Netflix Originals or surfing

through YouTube for the next best IDEA OF THE MONTH! 

You can find these pop sockets in most dollar shops or in a phone shop for a more 'trending and fashionable' pop socket. (Even though the dollar shop ones work just as well.)


If you want to be a little more different and trendy, you can get the Elastic Phone Holder Strap which functions in a similar way and is only $1 with free shipping - AMAZING, right?? Oh, and it comes in fab colours, your choice of 8 different colours.


MAY 2018


Writing can be quite difficult with CP and can often result in poor gripping positions and much discomfort.

"The genius of the Wishbone Pen is in its wishbone shaped design. Along with the soft

rubber exterior, it naturally promotes an ergonomic tripod grip that allows the user to

write efficiently and without discomfort. Say goodbye to finger and hand cramps and

start to enjoy your writing again. These are also an excellent rehabilitation tool for those

who need stability and comfort while relearning how to write."

To purchase this produce from an Aussie seller, contact Kirra Wilson through Facebook,

Click Here

Alternatively, purchases can be made through eBay, Click Here

Pencils are $10 each
Pens are $12
$30 for pack 4 and refills (5 leads) are $7.
Postage just $3

OT pens.png

APRIL 2018


This month's idea of the month is in honour of Hawkings' influential life. 

"Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change."

"Life would be tragic if it weren't funny."

"I have noticed even people who claim everything is predestined, and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road."

Disability outreach 
Starting in the 1990s, Hawking accepted the mantle of role model for disabled people, lecturing and participating in fundraising activities. At the turn of the century, he and eleven other luminaries signed the Charter for the Third Millennium on Disability, which called on governments to prevent disability and protect the rights of the disabled. In 1999, Hawking was awarded the Julius Edgar Lilienfeld Prize of the American Physical Society.

In August 2012, Hawking narrated the "Enlightenment" segment of the 2012 Summer Paralympics opening ceremony in London. In 2013, the biographical documentary film Hawking, in which Hawking himself is featured, was released. In September 2013, he expressed support for the legalisation of assisted suicide for the terminally ill. In August 2014, Hawking accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge to promote ALS/MND awareness and raise contributions for research. As he had pneumonia in 2013, he was advised not to have ice poured over him, but his children volunteered to accept the challenge on his behalf.


march 2018

CP life haCks pt 2 

This months tip is the part 2 video of Cerebral Palsy Life Hacks by a YouTuber

called Eyeliner and Empowerment aka Jess. There are often great tip and

hack videos online that target a large range of CP.

Jess mentions tips including hot and cold baths which help with cramping

and pain, rubber laces as well as pop sockets and heated blankets.

Note: Jess mentions magnesium oils. Magnesium is very good for cramping, pain and muscle tension. It is often used in tablet and oil form. Please NOTE that while magnesium is okay to use as an athlete, products may contain traces of other substances which may be on the banned substance list. If you are an athlete who is likely to get drug tested but think you could benefit from magnesium, speak to sports doctors and ASADA before commencing use. 

Check out her video for ideas that might help you!

CP hacks pt 2.png


CP life haCks pt 1 

To celebrate Cerebral Palsy Awareness month next month, a YouTuber called

Eyeliner and Empowerment aka Jess made this video on Cerebral Palsy Life Hacks!

Jess mentions tips such as Epsom salt baths to relieve cramps and pains, gel heel cushions and much more.

Check out her video for ideas that might help you!

cp hacks pt 1.png




These knives are perfect for us CP athletes with arms and hands affected.

These knives allow for simple cutting of meats, cheese, vegetables and

fruits with ease using only one hand!

The knife allows for more pressure on the food being cut with greater

strength and dexterity as the force is applied on the top of the knife, rather

than from the side.

It's also great for PIZZA!

If this is something you think you would benefit from, speak to your OT, Physio or NDIS Advisor for more information and support finding a supplier.

They are also easy to find online (although importing may be an issue!)

Click Here to watch a young boy demonstrate just how easy it is to use a Rocker Knife!
Click Here to watch a Rocking T Knife!

NOTE: Photo from Instagram account @kreationsbykittles

Social Media can be a great way to connect with friends and family. It can also be a great source of information. Feel free to follow accounts like this one for innovative and different ideas that might help you!

ALSO FOLLOW CPSARA on Instagram: @cpsara_nsw




This was an idea suggested to me by Cerebral Palsy Alliance while I

was doing my HSC, and it was a lifesaver! For many of us with limited

movement in our arms and hands, writing, cutting, opening jars and

other similar daily activities can be annoying! I take this sticky plastic

sheet with me whenever I need to write for long periods of time,

because I can't stop the piece of paper from running away while I try

to write and hold it still all with one hand! It's also great for opening

jars and containers as well as keeping plates still while you eat. 
If you are visiting CP Alliance, ask for a sheet, they are handy!

Bigger sheets can be found for a whole desk on eBay here.


September 2017
quick elastic laces

Shoelaces can be difficult especially if an event or sport requires changing shoes frequently like triathlons and athletics. It can also be difficult with limited hand and finger movement. Elastic laces are amazing for sport and on the go people. They are a quick alternative to shoelaces and are readily available in sports stores.
An athletics specific sports store on the Central Coast stocks plenty of elastic laces ready to be sent straight to your door, in heaps of different colours: yellow, blue, white, even pink!

Sof sole elastic laces.png