CPSARA aims to encourage sporting and recreational opportunities for people of all ages with Cerebral Palsy and other neurological conditions.

There are many sports, events and levels of competition for you as an athlete to pursue. Participation in sport can be just for fun and fitness but can also be pursued to International and Paralympic level!

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CPSARA provides access to a Mentor Program for athletes and parents!

Our Athlete Mentor Program is run by athletes for athletes. The aim of this program is to utilise knowledge from experienced athletes to support new and 'up and coming' athletes to excel in their chosen sport.   

Our Parent Mentor Program focuses on connecting new para sports parents to parents who have been in their sports for a number of years through their child's participation. 


Let’s see what sports you are eligible for!  There are many sports to choose from including Athletics, Swimming, Football and Cycling to name a few.

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Athlete of the month
Rae anderson - beijing winter paralympics special

Age: 25 years old

Sport: Para Alpine Skiing

Welcome back from your second Paralympics! How does it feel to now be a dual Paralympian?

Thank you so much! We were away for four months so to be finally home is just amazing and to have it finally sink in that I’m a dual Summer/Winter Paralympian, seventh in Australia and the second female for Australia is just incredible.


What was your favourite part about the Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympics?

Unlike other games where we got to travel around, because of COVID we couldn’t leave the village. There were still interesting things in the village; we weren't allowed to mingle too much in the dining hall and the rec room like we would in other games. It’s certainly different to a Summer Games, so being on snow and just experiencing that atmosphere was incredible.


What made you switch sports to skiing after competing in Athletics at the 2016 Summer Games?

I started skiing with my family as soon as I could stand. I always loved it and wanted to compete, but it's quite an expensive sport and we live on the Central Coast. I had a chance meeting with the Australian Para head coach at the time for the Winter Paralympic Alpine team. He watched me and said that I had potential to switch to Winter sports. He got me to come down to Jindabyne to do a talent identification camp, where I was one of two scholarship recipients to transition from athletics to alpine, and I finally committed in 2019.

Rae Skiing.jpeg