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CPSARA aims to encourage sporting and recreational opportunities for people of all ages with Cerebral Palsy and other neurological conditions.

There are many sports, events and levels of competition for you as an athlete to pursue. Participation in sport can be just for fun and fitness but can also be pursued to International and Paralympic level!

Become a member

Join now and become a part of our CPSARA community today!

You can join as an athlete, family member, health professional or a classifier.

Share in the enjoyment and achievement of sport as well as having lots of fun and building friendships along the way!


Join our community of volunteers for whom we are grateful they give their time, effort and enthusiasm to our cause.

MENTOR program

CPSARA provides access to a Mentor Program for athletes and parents!

Our Athlete Mentor Program is run by athletes for athletes. The aim of this program is to utilise knowledge from experienced athletes to support new and 'up and coming' athletes to excel in their chosen sport.   

Our Parent Mentor Program focuses on connecting new para sports parents to parents who have been in their sports for a number of years through their child's participation. 


Let’s see what sports you are eligible for!  There are many sports to choose from including Athletics, Swimming, Football and Cycling to name a few.

Any and all support to CPSARA
is gratefully appreciated

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MEMBER of the month
Cooper robb-jackson

Hi, I'm Cooper. I’m fourteen years of age and attend Barker College, located in Hornsby. I have been there since Kindergarten (2014).


My focus with sports is Athletics, specifically the 400 and 800. I have competed for my school and my Little Athletics club, Parramatta. I have also been lucky enough to represent my state on numerous occasions at national competitions such as the recent Australian All Schools competition in Adelaide. I also enjoy playing Basketball for school.


As a long-term sporting goal, I would want to represent my country at the 2024, 2028, 2032 (and maybe more) Paralympics. Running the 400m in 2024, then running both the 400m and 1500m in 2028 and 2032. A short-term goal that I have would be to run at the next Oceania games for any event. Both would be a great honour as well as a fantastic experience for me.

Whilst it is very difficult for me to just pick one singular moment, I would have to say the recent Australian All Schools competition in Adelaide would be my proudest moment. Coming away with 3 gold medals and 2 personal bests will never fail to feel good. There are 2 other moments that come close though. These being when I first ran under 3 minutes for the 800m back in 2020, and more recently when I beat the Under 16 T38 800m national record running a 2:16.77.

I have the academic goal of averaging an A for my school subjects. I feel as if this is an important goal as it will set me up nicely for job opportunities.

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