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LIVEWIRE by STARLIGHT online chat room

LiveWire recently reached out to us to let CPSARA know about their online program for teenagers 12-20 years old with disabilities, chronic health condition or serious illness.

What is Livewire?

When a teenager has a serious illness, not many people really get what you’re going through – and it can be hard for siblings too.  Siblings are welcome too (after all, we know this illness stuff can seriously affect you as well). That’s why we’ve created Livewire: a free online community for young people like you, who are dealing with some tricky stuff and can do with a crew who understand and offer a little extra support. Here, you can swap stories, ask for ideas, and talk about whatever’s going on in your life, from operations, MRIs and scary tests, to issues you’re having with friends and family – even your frustration at missing out on getting to the beach because of another hospital visit!

Our Livewire chat hosts are always here to listen, support discussions, provide support, and there’s never any judgment. They love good Korero and chat! It’s social media as it should be: fun, safe and drama-free.  

As well as connecting with people through chat rooms, Livewire also hooks you up with some interesting and fun stuff like blogs, competitions, articles and our very own TV channel, LivewireTV. Think of it as your escape hatch on those days you feel bored or just over it.

Powered by Starlight, if you live in Australia then Livewire can also help you with your Starlight Wish journey. For more information and to join, check out their social media and website below.


Let us know in the comments below if you are part of the Livewire community!

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