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Each new idea of the month will be published in this article. Check back next month for the latest idea, tip or hack!

January 2019

Adaptive Jump Rope “The Bar”

THIS IS GENIUS! Skipping can be difficult for hemiplegia athletes and athletes with limited movement and coordination in hands and arms but this skipping rope looks like it could make training so much easier!

"It is specially designed for one-armed adaptive athletes. However, everyone can make use of this fine piece of equipment by improving coordination balance between your left and right arms. The Adaptive Jump Rope can help improve motor skills.

Mute Sports Equipment travels often. We have met with athletes that have purchased The Adaptive Jump Rope and worked with them on mastering the skill and becoming more efficient. We have also worked with athletes via video coaching.

We start with a light-weight shaft of 6066 aluminum with a shiny, brushed finish then press our Mute Sports ABEC 7 sealed bearings into each end of the jump rope. The advantage of a sealed bearing is to keep out sweat, chalk dust and any other contaminates to keep the bearing smooth over the life of the jump rope. Next, we apply the three specific color grips that you choose to express your style! Finally, we build the custom cable length to fit your height.

The black cable 1/8 diameter. The cable weighs 5 grams per foot. It is made with aircraft cable and is galvanized to prevent rust. The upscale nylon coating wears well. Be sure to always jump on a smooth surface such as a gym floor." - Mute Sports Equipment, Creator

To buy a custom made adaptive skipping rope, Click Here.

October 2018


Eazyhold makes holding things such as utensils, bottles and even make up brushes so much easier, especially for people with CP effecting hands and fingers! 

If you enjoyed Jess from Eyeliner and Empowerment's previously featured videos, click above to watch her explain how to use Eazyhold and watch her demonstrate with her hairdryer and make up!

September 2018

Clothes Folding Board

Does your mum tell you it looks like a bomb went off in your drawers? Struggle to find your favourite stylish club singlet under a pile of neglected cupboard clothes. Do you get frustrated when its time to fold clothes? Especially those pesky T-shirts that require two or more than two full functioning hands and finger? Well now there's no excuse when mum asks if you can help with the laundry! There is now a solution that may be quicker and easier than mums old fashion two handed folding. Check out this video and make your very own folding board and have a go at racing mum to make the highest folded clothes stack!

August 2018


Eazyhold makes holding things such as utensils, bottles and even make up brushes so much easier, especially for people with CP effecting hands and fingers! 

If you enjoyed Jess from Eyeliner and Empowerment's previously featured videos, click above to watch her explain how to use Eazyhold and watch her demonstrate with her hairdryer and make up!

To visit the website, Click Here 

July 2018

Finger Held Palm Peeler This tip of the months comes from many experiences of trying to peel potatoes for the BBQ quickly while being told I take forever. It's not exactly easy to hold a potato with CP and peel it! Although, now I can! This is an ingenious idea! I can now hold and move the potato with my dominant hand and strap the peeler to my CP hand. No more being told I take forever or dropping the potatoes into the sink of potato and carrot peels.

Like food preparation hacks? Stay tuned for our next edition of idea of the month.

June 2018

Hold the Phone!

So I have always been skeptical about fads, especially anything that involves memes, Facebook or phones. Pop sockets were no different. They were a fad, an easy sale.

But after a friend gave me a branded pop socket, I realised how amazing they are for people with limited hand movement and finger dexterity. No more dropping my phone on my face while watching Netflix Originals or surfing through YouTube for the next best IDEA OF THE MONTH!

You can find these pop sockets in most dollar shops or in a phone shops for a more 'trending and fashionable' pop socket. (Even though the dollar shop ones work just as well.) Find pop sockets on Ebay

If you want to be a little more different and trendy, you can get the Elastic Phone Holder Strap which functions in a similar way and is only a $1 with free shipping - AMAZING, right?? Oh, and it comes in fab colours, your choice of 8 different colours. Find elastic phone holder strap on Ebay

May 2018

Wishbone - Occupational Therapy Pencils and Pens

Writing can be quite difficult with CP and can often result in poor gripping positions and much discomfort.

"The genius of the Wishbone Pen is in its wishbone shaped design. Along with the soft rubber exterior, it naturally promotes an ergonomic tripod grip that allows the user to write efficiently and without discomfort. Say goodbye to finger and hand cramps and start to enjoy your writing again. These are also an excellent rehabilitation tool for those who need stability and comfort while relearning how to write."

To purchase this produce from an Aussie seller, contact Kirra Wilson through Facebook, Click Here Alternatively, purchases can be made through eBay, Click Here

Pencils are $10 each Pens are $12 $30 for pack 4 and refills (5 leads) are $7. Postage just $3

APRIL 2018

Stephen Hawkings This months idea of the week is in honour of Hawkings influential life. 

"Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change."

"Life would be tragic if it weren't funny."

"I have noticed even people who claim everything is predestined, and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road."

Disability outreach Starting in the 1990s, Hawking accepted the mantle of role model for disabled people, lecturing and participating in fundraising activities. At the turn of the century, he and eleven other luminaries signed the Charter for the Third Millennium on Disability, which called on governments to prevent disability and protect the rights of the disabled. In 1999, Hawking was awarded the Julius Edgar Lilienfeld Prize of the American Physical Society.

In August 2012, Hawking narrated the "Enlightenment" segment of the 2012 Summer Paralympics opening ceremony in London. In 2013, the biographical documentary film Hawking, in which Hawking himself is featured, was released. In September 2013, he expressed support for the legalisation of assisted suicide for the terminally ill. In August 2014, Hawking accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge to promote ALS/MND awareness and raise contributions for research. As he had pneumonia in 2013, he was advised not to have ice poured over him, but his children volunteered to accept the challenge on his behalf.

MARCH 2018


This months tip is the part 2 video of Cerebral Palsy Life Hacks by a youtuber called Eyeliner and Empowerment aka Jess. There are often great tip and hack videos online which target a large range of CP.

Jess mentions tips including hot and cold baths which help with cramping and pain, rubber laces as well as pop sockets and heated blankets.

Note: Jess mentions magnesium oils. Magnesium is very good for cramping, pain and muscle tension. It is often used in tablet and oil form. Please NOTE that while magnesium is okay to use as an athlete, products may contain traces of other substances which may be on the banned substance list. If you are an athlete who is likely to get drug tested but think you could benefit from magnesium, speak to sports doctors and ASADA before commencing use. 



This video is Cerebral Palsy Life Hacks by a youtuber called Eyeliner and Empowerment aka Jess. There are often great tip and hack videos online which target a large range of CP. Jess mentions tips such as epson salt baths to relieve cramps and pains, gel hel cushions and much more. Check out her video for ideas that might help you!


Rocker Knife and Rocking T Knife

These knives are perfect for us CP athletes with arms and hands affected. These knives allow for simple cutting of meats, cheese, vegetables and fruits with ease using only one hand!

The knife allows for more pressure on the food being cut with greater strength and dexterity as the force is applied on the top of the knife, rather than from the side.

It's also great for PIZZA!

If this is something you think you would benefit from, speak to your OT, Physio or NDIS Advisor for more information and support finding a supplier.

They are also easy to find online (although importing may be an issue!)

Click Here to watch a young boy demonstrate just how easy it is to use a Rocker Knife!

Click Here to watch a Rocking T Knife!

NOTE: Photo from Instagram account @kreationsbykittles

Social Media can be a great way to connect with friends and family. It can also be a great source of information. Feel free to follow accounts like this one for innovative and different ideas that might help you!


No Slip Plastic Sheets

This was an idea suggested to me by Cerebral Palsy Alliance while I was doing my HSC, and it was a lifesaver! For many of us with limited movement in our arms and hands, writing, cutting, opening jars and other similar daily activities can be annoying! I take this sticky plastic sheet with me whenever I need to write for long periods of time, because I can't stop the piece of paper from running away while I try to write and hold it still all with one hand! It's also great for opening jars and containers as well as keeping plates still while you eat.  If you are visiting CP Alliance, ask for a sheet, they are handy!

Bigger sheets can be found for a whole desk on eBay here.


Quick Elastic Laces

Shoelaces can be difficult especially if an event or sport requires changing shoes frequently like triathlons and athletics. It can also be difficult with limited hand and finger movement. Elastic laces are amazing for sport and on the go people. They are a quick alternative to shoelaces and are readily available in sports stores.

An athletics specific sports store on the Central Coast stocks plenty of elastic laces ready to be sent straight to your door, in heaps of different colours, yellow, blue, white, even pink!

Check them out at: The Coast Runners Shop


Sporks, Knorks, Splayds & Spifes? What are they?

Sporks, Knorks, Splayds & Spifes are considered hybrids of normal cutlery and make life so much easier for people, like myself with limited hand use. Splayds are a combination of all three utensils, knife, fork and spoon while a spife is a spoon and a knife! I absolutely love my spork, which is a combination of a spoon and a fork. Although, what I find even more useful is the knork, which is both a knife and a fork. I can use the knife to cut food with one hand and then use the same utensil as a fork. Using only one hand to eat in European countries is quite difficult when having to use two utensils at once but in Asia, I can use my right hand to eat my rice or rip the beef with my teeth, and no one thinks anything of it!  In European countries like Australia, doing this in a restaurant would get some interesting reactions as well as looks of abject horror!  Which is why Sporks, Knorks, Splayds & Spifes are amazing and can be bought in folding styles to use on the go!  For more information by the Daily Mail on these brilliant inventions, in particular the Knork, Click Here. To buy a Splayd online on eBay, Click Here. To buy a Splayd Set of 2 online on eBay, Click Here To buy a Mini "On The Go" or Kids Splayd online on eBay, Click Here To buy a Spork online on eBay, Click Here.

JULY 2017

Yoga & Pilates Benefits

Many CPSARA athletes enjoy yoga as a leisurely, enjoyable activity. However, there are many more benefits of yoga. For example, yoga can improve posture, mobility, strength, health, mindfulness, sleep and the list goes on - but we would be here all day!

Check out this video on Facebook about Daniel, a 9 year old football player and yoga lover from Britain to find out just how much yoga has benefited his quality of life!


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