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Over the next few months, we will showcase our 2020 CPSARA Award Winners. COVID19 restrictions meant that celebrating their achievements in person weren't possible this season. Instead, we will celebrate their stories together and hear from each of our athletes. Our award winners will share with us what these awards mean to them, their best achievements and favourite memories from last season as well as how they have adapted to overcome COVID19 and of course, their goals for next season and beyond!

Mali Lovell

Tim Sherry Athletics Award

I won the Tim Sherry Award for Athletics. It is such an honour to win this award, especially when I look at all the past winners and the other athletes that could have won the award this year.

I have so many highlights from last season. I won the NSW Open Para 200m and I won Gold, Silver and Bronze at Athletics All Schools National Chapionships in Perth. Another highlight was getting Internationally classified in Brisbane as well as achieving many PBs. So although the season was shortened, I still managed to fit a fair bit in!

I still trained for athletics throughout lockdown. My coaches managed to adapt to each restriction as it took place. We had some unusual training grounds, like the beach or the local park, and we went from group training right down to training on my own, but it kept me motivated and fit. It also taught me how to adapt to situations when things are out of your control. If you really want to do it, you will find a way. I also set up a little gym at home for strength training and when lockdown eased, I played soccer in the winter competition. The Cerebral Palsy Alliance were amazing during lockdown with their Telepractice. I did some sports sessions with them for fun and also gym sessions remotely.

My goals for the next season are to keep achieving PBs and to give it my best shot at qualifying for Tokyo 2020!

This year has taught me that keeping fit and active helps to keep you focused in all aspects of your life. I am really looking forward to getting back into competition and catching up with all my athletics friends.


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