CPSARA was formed in 1986 by Charles Sanderson a Recreation Officer employed by NSW Spastic Centre (now Cerebral Palsy Alliance).

The aim of the Association was to offer Sport and Recreational opportunities to people of all
ages with Cerebral Palsy to participate in activities.

A Foundation Committee was formed and members were registered from the Spastic Centre
based at Allambie Heights.

President -- Charles Sanderson, Vice President -- Tom Organ, Secretary - Chris Widdows
Treasurer -- Ian Henderson.

The Association's first event was a State Championships held on the 9th & 10th of August, 1986. Competitors were classified with classes CP1 to CP8. Sports included Athletics and Soccer at the Narrabeen Lakes Sport & Recreation Centre on Saturday 9th and swimming at Warringah Aquatic Centre on Sunday 10th. 62 athletes competed in athletics which included Field events Bean Bag Distance Throw, Bean Bag Precision Throw, Kick Ball, Club,
Medicine Ball Thrust, Discus and Shot Put. The track events included 30m, 60m, 100m, 400m, 1500m and Slalom. Soccer had 21 players competing to field three teams while swimming had 28 swimmers competed in 25m Freestyle, 25m Backstroke, 25m Breaststroke, 50m Freestyle, 50m Backstroke, 50m Breaststroke, 100m Freestyle, 200m Freestyle and 3x25m Individual Medley.


The 1987 State Championships were held over three days at Seaforth Community Centre, with Table Tennis and Boccia added to competition. Athletics and Swimming numbers increased and Soccer still fielded three (3) teams. Table Tennis had 12 competitors and Boccia had 10 competitors.

In 1988 Boccia players increased to 34 and in 1989 to 43 players.

1989 State Games were a great success with over 200 athletes in attendance. Up until 1992 CPSARA conducted State Championships which were a great success with a large number of competitors and the membership rose to 200.

CPSARA joined NSW Sports Council for Disabled as a member in 1987.


From 1993 to 2005 all Disability Associations that were members of NSWSCD joined together for State Championships which was conducted by NSWSCD. CPSARA members also competed at Swimming and Athletic Seasonal Meets conducted by NSWSCD and South West and Metropolitan West Regions.

CPSARA Members represented NSW at Australian Multi Disability Championships in
1996,1997 and the Southern Cross Multi Disability Championships 1999. 

In 1990, Sunday morning club was introduced, which involved swimming at Mona Vale Hospital
pool followed by indoor activities at Beacon Hill Community Centre and later at Weemala at Ryde Rehabilitation Centre.

Over the years other activities were tried; archery, horse riding and tricycling. Intensive training camps were held at Narrabeen. Recreational activities were held such as Ten Pin Bowling.

CPSARA also began organising Come & Try days for water skiing, sailing, lawn bowls and horse riding.

In 1989, 9 Junior members were selected in the Australian Team for the World Youth
Games in Miami; Alison Quinn, Lucy Williams, Kylie Rosemond, Kelly Sharp, Adam
Kelly,Clinton Hall, Ronald Isherwood, Brett Bodlovic, Justin Shaw. Dawn Fraser donated one of her medals to auction at a Fundraiser for the team. Dawn agreed that the medal to be used as a centrepiece in on a trophy to be presented for the Outstanding Junior Swimmer Award.

CPSARA sent teams to New Zealand National Championships for Disabled. In 1990, CPSARA sent 9 athletes, 13 athletes in 1991 and 22 athletes plus two blind athletes in 1992. NSW teams also competed at CPASRF National Championships, Queensland Invitational
Games and Junior Nationals for Athletes with a Disability.

Since 1986 many of CPSARA members have represented Australia at International
Competitions including the FESPIC Games, International Robin Hood Games, CP World
Championships as well as the Paralympics in swimming, athletics, powerlifting, cycling, boccia,
Soccer (now football), table tennis and shooting.

CPSARA members who have represented Australia:
Robert Waldron, Stephen Gregson, Ross Whyte, Zell Goldman, Burke Gibbons, Wayne
Maher, Donald Turton, Murray Parker, Lee Gordan, Damien Bridges, Csaba Bobory,
Domenic Collins, Adrian Grogan, Geoff Clarke, Matthew Levy, Peter Leek,
Andrew Pasterfield, Paul Droudis, Jim Nomarakas, Russell Billingham, Michael Wright,
Damien Burroughs, Warren Elliott, Greg Miller, Shane Ellsmore, Martin Lindfield, Andrew
Lindfield, Cory Molen, Sean Webber, Steven Yates, Daniel Berry,
Karen Ferguson, Kathy Gregson, Allison Quinn, Fiona Given, Denise Beckwith, Sian Lucas
Jayme Paris, Lucy Williams, Claire Summersgill, Pru Birmingham, Kim Neuenkirchen,
Eileen Radley, Katherine Proudfoot, Rama Webster and Jaqueline Freney.

Andrew Pasterfield represented in swimming at the Commonwealth Games.

CPSARA members who have received awards for recognition in their sport:
Stephen Gregson Young Australian of the Year Liverpool area & Australia Day Sports award
Kathy Gregson Australia Day Sports award
Jayme Paris Young Australian of the year Blacktown area & Australia Day Sports award
Pru Birmingham Australia Day Merit award Manly area
Kristy Pond Young Australian of the Year Parramatta area
Russell Billingham Australia Day award Orange area
Alison Quinn OAM Order Australia Medel
Peter Leek OAM Order Australia Medal
Margaret Gregson OAM Order Australia Medal
Allan Gregson OAM Order Australian Medal

CPSARA Patrons:
Mike Gibson, Dawn Fraser AC, MBE, Darren Clarke, Paul Wade
Life Members Margaret OAM and Allan Gregson OAM

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